FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The Game

What is the object of the game?
Escape Prod offers you a chance to try a new entertainment concept: the “Live Escape Game”. With your team (of 2 to 6 players), enter an unfamiliar surrounding. Attempt to complete the mission which was given to you, but be careful: your time is precious as you only have 60 minutes. A good sense of observation, a dose of intuition, and a hint of skill will be needed, but it's mostly your team spirit and your aptitude at cooperation which will bring you to victory!
Who is the Escape Prod experience for?
For everyone, aged 8 to 80 years old, any reason is good to come play: with family, with friends, with colleagues, as a couple, for a bachelor/bachelorette party...
Do I need specific skills?
You will not need special skills. Don't panic: you will not need to like jigsaw puzzles or to know how to speak Latin to take part in the adventure. Each team member will be able to use their own skills, there is something for everyone! No special physical aptitude is required.
Is it difficult?
For the experience be the best possible for you and your team, we adapt the difficulty of the mission depending on you. The game master will keep an eye on you throughout the game, and will lead you according to your progression.
How can I choose my mission?
You will soon have the choice between many missions, each with its own ambiance. For more information about each mission, go to the [Adventures] tab
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My team

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How many of us can play?
That's mostly up to you! A team can be made up of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 players. With 2 players, each will have to think on their own and be efficient, while with 6 it will be the team organization which will be vital.
Can children participate in the adventure?
Of course, they can even be the cornerstone of your team! The minimum age to play is 8 years old, accompanied by an adult, or of 16 years old, unaccompanied.
Is the game adapted for people with a handicap?
We unfortunately do not have an installation accessible for people in a wheelchair. And, as some riddles use visual or audio clues, we thus recommend including at least one member who is not blind or deaf in the team.
Can pregnant women participate?
The adventure is not frightening or stressful, and contains no physical tests. Women awaiting a happy event are thus welcome.
What language can we play in?
The adventure is available in French and in English. If you speak neither of these two languages, contact us to see if we can adapt the game to your language.
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Booking my mission

How much does an adventure cost?
The cost of an adventure varies depending on the number of players. For more information, check our [Rates] page.
How to book? How to make payment?
The reservation of a room is made via our réservation platform. Payment is secured and made online. If, however, you cannot pay online, contact us to find other payment methods. For a reservation less than 24 hours in advance, call us at 0032 (0) 2 511 47 65 or contact us.
Is it possible to change or cancel a reservation?
Escape Prod is a live event. To be able to guarantee you the best hosting conditions, we would like to inform you that no change of schedule or cancellation less than 5 days before the session is possible. For any modification or cancellation more than 5 days ahead, contact us and we will do what's needed.
Can I gift an adventure?
You want to gift a game? Buy a gift card via our online platform. You will receive an email containing a gift certificate to be sent to the lucky person, which will allow them to make a reservation for the mission of their choice and come with their team at the date and hour of their choice, at any point in a 12 month period.
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D day

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Where we are?
Our storefront is at rue de l'Étuve 69, 1000 Brussels (50m from the manneken pis)
Metro: Line 1A and 1B Gare Centrale stop
Tram: Line 4 Bourse stop.
Bus: Lines 34,48,95,96 Saint-Jean stop
[See map]

In order to come to our adress, we recommend that you use public transportation. (Bus, Tram, Metro). If you plan to use your car, you should know that it's not easy to find a parking spot nearby our adress, and we don't own a private parking. You can park at the Grand Place Parking (which is paying). Road trafic in the center of the city is often quite busy, thus we recommand that you plan you journey accordingly.
What time should we get there? How long should we plan for?
Plan to get there at the latest 10 minutes before the time chosen for your reservation. Your game master will then greet you to give you the tips required to complete your mission. The mission itself lasts 60 minutes. At the end of that hour, you will be able to debrief with the game master and your teammates and exchange your impressions. So plan ahead for a total of 1h30 on location. Thanks for getting here on time in order not to penalize the following teams.
What to do if we don't have the same number of players as were in the reservation?
If you are more numerous, contact us and we will give you the extra amount to be paid on location. Otherwise, if you are unfortunately less than planned for, no refund will be possible.
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Are we locked in?
No, you are not locked really locked in during your mission. Don't worry, once the game has started, you will not have any desire to leave the room for as long as your mission isn't complete!
Are we filmed?
The rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones which allow the game master to accompany you if you need it. Neither images or sounds are recorded or broadcast.
What are the rules to follow for our safety?
For your safety, we reserve the right to not host you if you are impaired. Also, we would like to remind you that strength is not necessary, therefore nothing needs to be broken or torn during your mission. With respect to the other teams, we thus inform you that any broken object will be billed to you.
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